Ice Link S350

Ice Link S350
Delivery of ice from one source for up to four locations.

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Ice Link S350
Delivery of ice from one source for up to four locations.

Every activity of an employee has associated cost. Save your company $10,000 per year and stop your employees from lugging bucket after bucket of ice to dispensers with Ice Link.

Ice Link is a high speed automatic sanitary ice delivery system that leads to labor efficiency as well as employee safety and cleanliness. Ice Link automatically moves any type of ice at a speed of 30 feet per second and up to 4 stories vertical and 350 feet horizontal.

Ice Link automatically delivers ice to bins or dispensers that need it. Using the same pneumatic-tube principle that moves canisters through a drive-through bank-teller station or at a large office facility, Ice Link delivers ice wherever it’s needed. By putting optical monitors in the beverage dispensers or ice bins it feeds, the system constantly observes ice levels and adds ice as needed in quantities of about 32 oz.

  • Reduces the need for additional ice machines. Maximizes the use of current ice machine investment.
  • Reduces labor burden, insurance costs and ice loss due to spills and bridging.
  • Safer, reduces liability injuries from slip & falls from carrying ice.
  • Automated hands-free cleaning system. Controls can be set to go into cleaning cycle on demand.
  • Sanitary transportation of ice, no more dirty buckets, no dirty hands coming in contact with ice.
  • Stores up to 350 lbs. of Ice in the Base unit in addition to ice storage capacity at each dispense point.
  • Conveys up to 900 lbs. of ice in per hour
  • Dispenses ice up to 350 ft. from the base unit.
  • Ice is delivered automatically on demand.  Ice is always available for the cold plate.
  • Maximize storage capacity efficiency.

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Space Required: 34” wall space
Ceiling Height: Fits under 8 ft ceiling with most ice machines
Weekly production bagging once a day: 425 bags


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