40-Year History

Ice Made Easy – Circa 1970’s
Ice Made Easy – Today

40 Year History – Trusted by C-Stores for Over 30 Years

Roesch, Inc (Est. 1916) began manufacturing Ice Made Easy merchandisers and related products.

Due to demand, 2nd facility added to manufacture Ice Made Easy merchandisers

Introduced an annual catalog given the breadth of products added

Invested over a million dollars in equipment to support the scaling business

Two more shipping docks were added for Ice Made Easy products

Health and Safety programs were implemented throughout the company

Building addition for new production equipment & additional warehouse space

Multiple safety awards were added for Safety Excellence

ISO 9002 certification achieved

Over $2 Million invested in production equipment to support sales.

Achieved multiple awards:

  • A record number ‘zero lost work days’ award
  • Special recognition with the Boilermakers’ Union for Labor/Management Cooperation for Safety Program

ISO 9001-2008 certification achieved

Over $1 Million invested in additional production capacity & warehouse space

State-of-the-art equipment purchased to triple production

Safety measures continue as the #1 priority with an experience modification rate of .75

Expanded into new markets – C-Store and Grocery/Supermarkets

New products added specifically for the new customers

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